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they decide to build a nuclear bomb. why? because there's no reason for this trip to israel this week unless obama was ready to do just that. they pounded out a serious agreement between the two courts, the u.s. and israel. the people of the united states are not the obama audience. the best result is over the other side, over in tehran. they get to see how serious we are. they build a weapon, we come at them. if they know that now, it could change everything. >>> and that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "politicsnation" with al sharpton starts right now. >>> thanks, chris. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, don't believe the hype. all the gops talk about change is just that. talk. a bunch of hot air. today, almost every single republican in the house voted for paul ryan's budget. the budget that would lower taxes for the rich, cut programs for the poor, and end medicare as we know it. it's unbelievable just three days ago the rnc rolled oh ut a plan to reboot the party, claiming that they will change the public's view that they only care about the rich. >> the perc
to approve it tomorrow then send it to president obama to prevent a government shutdown next week. >>> a bay area boy scout council has become the first in the country to call for the boy scouts to drop its policy banning openly gay adults and youth. a recent survey conducted by the council found that 65% of respondents wanted current membership policy changed and 81% of the council's active scouts favor dropping the ban as well. last year they denied a boy his eagle scout rank because he is openly gay. it will work to pressure the boy scouts to change their membership policy. >>> the wet weather we've seen here has also been dropping snow up in the sierra. chain controls were in effect early this morning. the weather system caused officials to postpone today's start to the u.s. alpine championships at squaw valley. that is expected to start tomorrow and run through sunday. >>> the rain was in and out in about 24 hours just as bill martin told us to expect. >> it wasn't a lot. at times we heavy rain. just scattered showers today. those are goi
the obama administration do last week. >> that's right, it looks like president obama's plans to fight global warming are going to hurt american suburbs because the obama administration believes in something called smart growth. the idea of smart growth policies is, get out of your car, don't move to the suburbs, you should live in a tiny densely packed apartment building in the city where you can walk and take public transportation and don't drive. that's smart growth. and the obama administration is gearing up to impose the smart growth on the country and that would be bad for america's suburbs. >> megyn: how would they do it, make us move from the suburbs to the city? most of the people who live in the suburbs like the suburbs and don't want to live in the city. how would they make us do it it? >> several plans, part is to stop people from moving to the suburbs in the first place and in the end it might get people who live in suburbs to head to the cities. last week the energy department released a series of reports that touted a new strategy for cutting back on carbon dioxide emiss
formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. >>> president obama is in israel tonight. and all day his trip got lots and lots of attention. this is what it looked like on the internet. at every site that starts with www dot. israel has for decades of course been a big boisterous high profile part of our american politics. during the presidential campaign republicans tried to make a big stink about how president obama had never visited israel, not once in his first term. just hike every republican president since nixon. george h.w. bush didn't go. on his trip today, he planted a tree. he also signed a guest book. there were plenty of photo ops. this was the big one. see that big box thing that looks like it's on the back of a truck there. the president visiting the israeli air defense system that has a name that sounds like it comes out of a comic book. the iron dome. a big iron dome flyswatter paid for in part by the united states. and that's where our domestic politics intruded on today's presidential trip abroad. we are still trying to wrap our h
then send it to president obama to prevent a government shutdown next week. >>> a bay area boy scout council has become the first in the country to call for the boy scouts to drop its policy banning openly gay adults and youth. a recent survey conducted by the council found that 65% of respondents wanted current membership policy changed and 81% of the council's active scouts favor dropping the ban as well. last year they denied a boy his eagle scout rank because he is openly gay. it will work to pressure the boy scouts to change their membership policy. >>> the wet weather we've seen here has also been dropping snow up in the sierra. chain controls were in effect early this morning. the weather system caused officials to postpone today's start to the u.s. alpine championships at squaw valley. that is expected to start tomorrow and run through sunday. >>> the rain was in and out in about 24 hours just as bill martin told us to expect. >> it wasn't a lot. at times we heavy rain. just scattered showers today. those are going to linger into the evening. as we go through the next 6 hours, expect
security. >> warner: netanyahu was asked if he agreed wth mr obama's comment to israeli television last week that iran was over a year from having a nuclear weapon. >> if iran decides to go for a nuclear weapon, that is, to actually manufacture the weapon, then it probably, then it will take them about a year. i think that's correct. iran right now is enriching uranium. it will-- it's pursuing it. it hasn't yet reached the red line that i had described in my speech at the u.n. in any case, iran gets to an immunity zone when they get through the enrichment process, in our view... in our view. and whatever time is left, there's not a lot of time. >> warner: the president continues his trip tomorrow to the west bank to speak with palestinian leaders, then back to deliver a speech in jerusalem. >> ifill: i spoke with margaret a short while ago. margaret, it's good to see you. this is the president's first foreign visit of his second term. why israel, and why now? >> warner: that's a good question, gwen, because as i think we know from the campaign, president obama never did visit israel as
." thank you for joining us. don't forget said records show. i'll see you next week. lou: good evening, everybody. president obama today reacting to rorted, but unsubstantiated claims of the use of chemical weapons threatening the syrian regime led by a dictator. president obama made his declaration during a joint news conference with israel's prime minister. the first day of his first trip to israel as presidents. >> i had made clear at the use of chemical weapons is a game changer. any more horrific gains. i believe that if the regim has lost all credibility and legitimacy. lou: making an effort to assure e israeli people that america has throwback in regards to ending the iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons and that any decision by netanyahu to protect the nation's security is his to make while pointing out that both israel and the united states are squarely on the same page. >> not a lot of daylight between our countries assessments in terms of where a run is right now. i would not expect that the prime minister would make a decision about his country's security and to defer that to
to love. >>> palestinian president mahmoud abbas greeted president obama warmly when he arrived in ramallah today, but not everyone is pleased. protests broke out this week in gaza and the west bank among palestinians angry that president obama hasn't done more to stop israeli settlements and force a compromise. joining me now, bobby gosh, editor of "time international." bobby, the president spoke about settlements this morning. anything new there, and anything that the palestinians will take to heart? >> well, the president said that settlements were not very helpful and they were a little irresponsible on israel's part. palestinians will take some heart from that, but i think they would have preferred much stronger language from the president. the man in the street certainly would. i think mahmoud abbas probably understands the president's predicament politically a little better than the average palestinian does because in some ways he is in a similar predicament quite often as a leader of a very divided people. how much the israelis took that to heart is a matter of some spec
on another yarnell school of fine art. >> live from dw here in berlin, this is the "journal." >> barack obama and benjamin netanyahu reaffirm u.s.-israeli ties and stress a common stance against iran. >> bailout crisis meetings continue in cyprus as the central bank announces the banks will remain shut until next week. >> and from berlin to the himalayan kingdom of bhutan, we asked what makes people smile on the international day of happiness. it is a visit heavier on symbolism than on substance. president barack obama is in israel right now, where he has promised america's enduring support for the jewish state. he also stressed the need for peace. >> but obama is not expected to provide new initiatives or policy moves in the area of the middle east peace process, which is secondary to israeli leaders when compared to the possibility of a nuclear iran. president obama and prime minister netanyahu have given a press conference. we will talk to our jerusalem correspondent about that in a moment. >> but first, the israeli president said that president barack obama has a vision that can transform
party? >> i don't think the president barack obama will give up. he talked about that when he visited with us. house republicans last week at the capitol when it came down. in that think that senator reid and senator feinstein are finally realizing and just facing reality that the assault weapons ban that was passed in the 90's did not work. there were still a high percentage of gun crimes. i completely understand why we're having this dialogue because we are all grieving over the shooting in sandy hook, conn. of course, the other shootings around the country. lou: we are not treating as much profoundly as i would have expected haul. we have not heard any discussion about mental health legislation that would go to the issue of gun possession and ownership. we're not grieving nearly as much as i would have expected has seriously and replete breathing are we. >> that is what we're trying to do ny went to the republican study commission serine -- chair and said we need to have a gun initiative, a second amendment initiative. we talked about the other side of the gun issue. the president,
paid the following week. i may have to have obama run every year. >> appetizers, coffee, two entrees. >> well, i'm a fat cat. >>> look at lulu lemon. one cent before than the street was expecting. earnings for the fiscal year are short of expectations. we told you lulu lemon announcing it is withdrawing its popular line of yoga pants because you could see through it in too many places. follow us on twitte twitter @squawkcnbc. >>> up next, cyprus running close to empty. what does it mean for the eurozone recovery? we'll talk about that right after this. >> right now, take a look at the european markets this morning. you have seen declines. part of this is because of the economic numbers that came in europe. cac is done 1%. "squawk" will be right back. >>> we're here on bourbon street in the big easy talking about deals. deal makers and what's on top for mergers and acquisitions in 2013. "squawk" is back right after this. >>> >>> coming up, march money madness is here. who do you think the big market winner will be in 2013? logon, like the show and cast your vote. each day is a new mat
for israel, has served nearly three decades in a u.s. prison and there have been protests in israel this week demanding his release. before his middle east trip, president obama was asked about pollard in an interview with israel's channel 2. >> this is an individual who committed a very serious crime here in the united states. he's been serving his time. i have no plans for, you know, releasing jonathan pollard immediately. but what i am going to be doing is to make sure that he, like every other american who has been sentenced, is, you know, accorded the same kinds of review. >> this is the story i've covered from day one. in 1989 i even wrote a book about it, "territory of lies." jonathan pollard was a civilian analyst for u.s. naval intelligence with access to some of this country's most important secrets. he started passing some of those secrets to an israeli operative, receiving monthly cash payments. in 1985 he was questioned about the removal of classified documents and was placed under surveillance, but pollard and his then wife anne were arrested after trying and failing to gain ent
awareness week. his office said cruz had less than 48 hours to review it and wanted more time to read the document which was a whopping 500 words. >>> president obama came to israel bearing gifts for the prime minister and his family. mrs. netanyahu received stationary by designer charles maxwell and a sterling silver orchid broach. the prime minister's daughter got custom candle sticks and both of his sons received custom bronze goblets. >>> at the press conference earlier today, both the president and prime minister had opening statements. but the event was limited to two questions from israeli journalists and two from americans. so when our own chuck todd asked a multipart question, he got called out on it. >> another question i have for you. >> clubbing, you say you get one question and then you add. you see how the young lady from channel 1, she had one question. >> this is not a kosher question but don't hog it. >> chuck, mine, you're incorrigib incorrigible. >>> a bakery owner is selling a special bagel in honor of the president obama visit. he baked a cheese filled obama bagel
country and a picture of president obama. we'll hear more from president obama, it wrapped up moments ago. live in washington, ktvu. >>> the woman accused of kicking a small child in the golden gate park is due back in court. it comes after last week's arraignment was delayed because she started screaming and disrupted the court proceedings. >>> she's facing five charges that include felony assault and child endangerment. police say she kicked that small child to the ground for no reason >>> the 26-year-old is facing life in prison without the possibility of patrol. he killed a 45-year-old engineer in virginia during a robbery. the victim was in oakland for a teeth-cleaning appointment before a job interview at google the next day he robbed the victim of $17 and shot him three times. >>> don't be alarmed if you see low-flying planes. the fda has notified the airport that they will test out an instrument landing system that was recently upgraded. the low-level flyovers are scheduled for throughout the day. >>> time now 5:16, tiger woods is explaining his decision to share photos of him and
of points. >> take your time. [laughter] >> the bush library opens next week, and i believe as people look at his record compared to president obama's record, it will stack up very well, and history will be kind to him. in terms of governor romney, there are things the campaign did wrong. there is a lot of reflection on that. i think governor romney would have made a good president, and i would say also in terms of lessons learned, one of the lessons i learned is instead of being bad guy who leaves your happy home and wife and children and moves to a strange town for five months and lives in a studio apartment with a bed in the middle of the living room, to work on a campaign, the next time i will be the guy who complains about that got on attended a vision. that is a better place to be. coupleot overlook a things. it is difficult to be a sitting president. also one of the things we need to take to account and the report does is republican parties in five of the last six elections has not won the majority of the boats or a plurality of the boat. there were mistakes, but there is a trend he
at the end of the week to try to lay the groundwork with benjamin netanyahu and israel to start some talks. president obama is here to, as he said, listen. he said in the press conference yesterday that his main role in this visit is to just listen to the palestinians. it's a lesson he learned from his mom, he said, because the palestinian palestinians often feel that they are not heard. and so he really wants to see what kind of mood there is now and what it would take to really prod some sort of discussion to come into action. and, you know, they felt a little bit neglected and it's the president's time to remind him that even though he has been working very closely with the israelis, he has not forgotten that he wants to create some sort of open space for peace talks to come into fruition with secretary kerry now at the state department. >> very interesting you bring up secretary kerry. a second ago, jess, we saw president obama greeting secretary of state john kerry on the tarmac there. the secretary of state arrived in the region before the president. he will be in the region again ju
president obama submits his spending blueprint on april 8. with their work done, house members leave town today for a two week recess. while senators will remain in a marathon session until a vote on their own plan to fund the government. judy woodruff takes it from there. >> woodruff: for what's happening behind-the-scenes, we turn to todd zwillich, washington correspondent for "the takeaway" on public radio international. welcome back to the newshour. >> good to be with you, judy. >> woodruff: first this vote to keep the government funded by the end of the fiscal year, both the house and senate passed this. does this mean democrats and republicans finally see eye to eye on something? >> well, it means that they see eye to eye on not having another showdown right now. both sides have agreed that they don't want to have a big battle over a government shutdown and in media attention and cable news and the countdown clocks, both sides have decided that's not in their interest now. i wish i could tell you they see eye to eye on fiscal matters, that's just not true. they decided to go to thei
for conservatives, dr. ben carson has been out front a little bit. dr. ben carson was a political unknown weeks ago. with a single speech, as president obama looked stoneleigh on -- host: that is just a little bit of the profile. covered cpacspan and the national prayer breakfast. if you want to watch dr. ben carson, go to the video library. bookse also covered his on you can also watch them on booktv. he would be appearing in the later this year on our booktv in-depth program. you will get the chance to talk with him at that point. moneys usa today's section -- two more articles from the wall street journal -- host: and this other article in the wall street journal -- host: last call comes from david in new jersey. you are on the air. caller: good morning. i think the phrase here is my enemy's enemy is my friend. it appears a lot of countries across the world are abdicating any security they have. it is almost an expectation that we're going to come in and straighten out their messes. choose -- truthfully, it seems that is what we all -- that is all we ever do. i think that we have kin
that. obama did it and then on top of that, sarkozy says that bb is a liar and oh, i've got to deal with him every week. why would bb netanyahu ever trust this man, the israelis, because i wouldn't if i were them. >> it's not about trust, it's about business. a, if you want to keep the checks flowing. b, you're an ally, and sarkozy was not elected in-- >> what does that have to do with something. >> they agree that iran will not have a nuclear bomb for at least another year. >> sean: and if they want the check flowing and-- >> remember the camp david accord and apologize for saying that israelis are descendents of apes and pigs, that would be a good start, right. >> the egyptians say they don't want the money. >> sean: they do-- by the american taxpayers, we can't afford to keep the white house open, but we're funding the terrorist terrorist, the former head of the muslim brotherhood. beam me up, scotty. >> and most of the people in the white house are volunteers. >> sean: there's no intelligent life in the white house, period, end of sentence. >> right, right, right. >> sean: there
, this is charlie rose. >> rose: the syrian conflict reached new levels this week. the assad regime and the syrian opposition groups accused of each other of using chemical weapons. the allegations were made only hours before president obama's departure to israel yesterday. the white house has yet to verify the claims but lawmakers are increasingly calling for action. here's what presidentbama said eaier day in a joint press conference with israeli prime minister netanyahu. >> with respect to chemical weapons, we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happened. obviously, in syria right now, you've got a war zone. you have information that's filtered out. but we have to make sure that we know exactly what happened, what was nature of the incident, what can we document, what can we prove. i've instructed me teams to work closely witll oer countries in the region, and international organizations, and institutions to find out precisely whether or not this red line was crossed. i will note without at this point having all the facts before me, that we know the syrian government has the capacity
will tell you why. see what bob beckel thinks about it then michele bachmann says that barack obama is running a lavish white house. spending an incredible amount of tax money on himself. is that true? factor is coming right back. >> bill: earlier this week 8 marines were killed. seven others injured. senator reid from that state quickly exploited the issue angering the marine corps. >> this sequester should go away. we have cut already huge amounts of money and deficit reduction. it's just not appropriate, mr. president. that our military can't train and do the maintenance necessary. these men and women our marines were training there in hawthorne and with the sequester it's going to cut the stuff back. >> can i tell you marine corps officials this afternoon are taking a strong exception to what harry reid implied, saying that this exercise, for example, was planned well in advance had nothing to do with the bucket -- budget cuts, there were no corners cut. >> bill: this is what i object to. reid is exploiting the death of these marines who were just out in nevada because that terr
'll know if president obama's trip was a success or kind of a waste of time? >> reporter: could actually be a couple weeks and maybe even longer than that. it's true, what prime minister netanyahu said about preconditions, about what he's prepared to do, what he's prepared to give away is more important than anything we've heard in public. the same. did president abbas say he's worked something out with hamas, where maybe he can get some progress made, we don't know. we're not in the private meeting. and we won't know that at least for some time. secretary of state kerry will stay behind. everybody believes if you tried to force the parties back to the table tomorrow, it would be counterproductive. you have to do some preliminary work first. so let's check back in two weeks, maybe two months. if there's no peace process in a month or two, carol, you could say the president failed, at least in the short-term. but don't expect something by tomorrow or in the very near future. >> i don't think anyone does, john. you don't have to worry about that. thank you so much, john king, reporting liv
there. by the way, it never gets old. she's the best. >>> next, early this week i showed you this picture of the satan character from the history channel's mini series "the bible." during the broadcast, twitter exploded with comments about how the character looked like president obama, though the network immediately denied that the resemblance was intentional. rick wiles agrees that the film mashs did not go out and make satan to look like president obama, but still says it was on no accident. >> i don't believe these intentional portrayed the lucifer character to look like mr. obama. i think god guided the hands of the makeup artist and blinded the eyes of everybody on the movie set while it was being recorded, and the spiritual blinders were removed sunday night when the program was broadcast nationally on the history channel. >> how is that for an explanation of free will? that tops michele bachmann saying hurricane irene was a sign from god to cut government spending. hmm. speaking of her, you know how she's celebrating the third anniversary of the affordable care act, ob
's what president obama was saying. that struck me, especially his use of ariel sharone's quote. the other interesting thing was he mentioned passover that's coming up next week, and he talked about the story of passover and what was important about that is he was talking about the ancient centuries old claim of jews to the holy land. a lot of arabs do not believe that israel has any right to be there, so it's very important to israelis and jews who support israel that there be some sort of context of a historical claim to the land. those were very interesting moments, i thought. >> jake, i want to switch gears here. a little bit awkward, but you just sat down with jimmy kimmel, who's about to get a new late night rival. anything -- what's going on here? >> well, it's interesting. we went to l.a. and sat down with jimmy kimmel. there are now reports they've been brewing for several weeks, that jimmy fallon will replace jay leno when his contract is up in 2014. i asked him about it, if we have that clip. >> already there's talk about mr. leno's departure, although i've read those stories be
through committee was driven by people to the left of president obama. i know this, last year the chairman of the budget committee, kent conrad, was prepared to bring a budget to the floor. my staff and i, we spent weeks preparing for the markup. they met in the democratic conference, and some of the more liberal members hollered that they couldn't accept kent conrad's budget, the democratic budget he was going to set forth. and so they basically refused to let him mark up a budget in the budget committee and refused to bring it to the floor of the united states senate, even though the united states law called for the budget committee to have a hearing and called for a bill to be brought to the floor. and just refused to do it in violation of plain law. so the "wall street journal" said the bill manages the unique achievement of offering no net non-defense spending cuts and no entitlement reform worth the name while proposing to raise $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue in such a way that would ruin the prospects for bipartisan tax reform. let me stop right there. our colleagues keep saying w
the privilege of having dinner with the president a couple weeks ago. i found it very interesting that president obama accurately described the problem in reforming medicare. he said, the problem is that americans pay in $1 but they get $3 worth of benefits. he also went on to say, we've got a problem because most americans don't understand that. well, today i'm asking on the president, i'm asking members on the other side of the aisle to join with republicans to honestly describe the problem to the american public. i mean, you don't solve a problem until you first define it and then, secondly, admit that you have the problem. we have severe problems with social security, with medicare, with other mandatory spending, with other budget. until we come to terms with that, until we are honest with the american people, stop pulling the wool over their ey eyes, we have no chance whatsoever of solving these very severe problems. so with that, i yield back my time, mr. president. ms. stabenow: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. ms. stabenow: thank you, mr. president. i'll b
will stay open for a week if anyone would like to submit initial statements or questions. the meeting is adjourned. thank you all. unconfirmed reports accuse the syrian government of using chemical weapons against rebel fighters. president obama commented on these reports during his trip to israel. >> with respect to chemical weapons, we intend to investigate thoroughly exactly what happens. obviously syria right now you have a war zone. you have information that is filtered out, but we have to make sure that we know exact to what happened, what was the nature of the incident, what can we document and what can we prove so i've instructed my teams to work closely with all of the countries in the region and international organizations and institutions to find out precisely whether or not this red line was crossed. i will note without at this point having all the facts before me, that we know the syrian government has the capacity to carry out chemical weapons acts. we know that there aren't those in the syrian government who have expressed a willingness to use chemical weapons if necess
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